Glen Cedar Montessori Preparatory School is a complete school for children from 3 to 9 years of age. Glen Cedar is modeled on Dr. Maria Montessori’s world-renowned system of early childhood education. Our specially designed educational materials help children learn through sensory experiences, develop their physical and mental faculties, and attain valuable life lessons on discipline, concentration and interaction.

Montessori education is recognized for its great respect for children, their individual potential and development. Each individual child’s natural love of learning is inspired in a positive educational environment. With a series of high quality cognitive materials, children work to develop character, independence, self-discipline, concentration, logical and sequential thought patterns, problem-solving skills and master fundamental tools for life-long learning.

The Montessori method understands children’s intrinsic curiosity and enthusiasm to learn. Through sequenced activities, children learn to understand abstract properties and concepts with concrete sensory material. Thus a Montessori child will not memorize concepts or properties – he or she will learn by understanding through his or her own manipulation of the materials.

Parents must understand that Montessori is formal education. Glen Cedar Montessori Preparatory School is an educational facility – not a playschool, nursery or daycare. Our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and provide an optimum learning experience at the right age – when the child is most receptive to absorbing information and knowledge